May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where did that come from?

Several years ago when Jonathan and I were playing, he shocked me with what he said.
The above picture is not related but just a really cute picture of my sweet son. That child loves boots and mud and water!
Anyway, Jonathan and I were wrestling, one of his all-time favorite activities and one so much better suited to do with Daddy. We were wrestling and he comes out with this "I am going to leave you on the side of the road for dead!" I was so taken aback. It was quite a strong statement especially coming from a two year olds mouth. I asked him more about what he said and as we talked it through he said it was from one of our Bible stories. When we looked at the Bible story book we read at night, the story of the good Samaritian said those words nearly word for word. We then had to act out the story numerous times! He really seemed to latch on to the more violent or physical stories, such as David and Goliath, which is another one we played out quite a bit.
In thinking about the words and concepts that Jonathan has heard for the first time when reading Bible stories, like murder and hate, the Bible is certainly not dull! I really struggled reading to story of Abraham and Issac and skipped it several times. How do you explain a parent sacrificing his child to God? The concepts of obedience and trust are so huge. A true understanding of God and the salvation Christ offers us by His death on the cross is such an amazing, crazy, deep, big concept. How does one go about explaining these truths to a child? I know I am still learning how to understand God's love and certainly still working on living it out. To pass this on to Jonathan is what matters most to me. I can't imagine what it would be like to learn about Jesus for the first time as an adult when you are no longer innocent and vulnerable and teachable. It is really a wild story! I pray Jonathan continues to be open to learning more and more about the love and power and strength of the God who loves him so much.


The other day Jonathan comes up to me with a minature candy bar he found and says:

"Mommy, this will help me grow."

I respond "Oh, really."

"yes, Mommy, I read in a book that eating chocolate will help me grow stronger."

"What book did you read this in?"

"In a history book."

We both enjoyed a bit of chocolate. Afterall, who am I to argue with history?!

From the mouth of babes

At least two years ago, Jonathan taught me a lesson that has come to mind numerous times. We were driving somewhere and I pointed out where someone we knew lived as we drove by. Then he asked where one of his friends lived and then he said "Mommy where does Noah live?" We do not know a Noah other than in the Bible so on my tongue to respond was something like, "oh Jonathan those are stories in the Bible." But thankfully something stopped me before I led him to believe those stories are merely stories like we read in other books. Those stories really happened! Those characters were real!! They had homes and neighbors and fears and worries and families their lives affected.
Since Jonathan has been to Honduras he understands a bit about other countries, so I tried to explain that Noah lived in a country far far from where we live and we wondered about what his home would have been like.
I have always believed the Bible to be truth and the stories true but it hit me then that they were real. they totally happened. David really did slay the giant even though he most likely was terrified. Mary was obedient to her Lord's request though it certainly meant scorn for her. Abraham really walked with his son with the intention of sacrificing him though he had to be sick with sorrow and wanting with everything in him to not be doing so. They were real. I want Jonathan to keep knowing they are real and to wonder details about them and most importantly to learn from them and walk in trust and obedience as the pillars of faith we read about did.

Trip to Kansas

Last week we got to go back to Kansas. We had several things to take care of and I am always looking for an excuse! Last minute Ashley made it work to go with us which was soooo nice!

It was so nice to be home. I am certainly blessed in that home is a safe place and we get spoiled and loved. the one bad thing is that it made it all the more real that we live away now because we had to leave again and it was such a nice visit so now I miss my family all the more.

We did get to spend time with my Grandma which was so nice as those times are numbered. She had another stroke so the reaction of recognition which always feels so good was not really there this time though she did respond to Ashley. He always could make Grandma laugh which I love. When I hugged and kissed her goodbye she just sort of leaned her head on me and I could not let go for a while because I did not know if I will see her alive on this earth and I remembered times when she read to me and when she held us after we woke up from a nap and how she has always loved me and told us how God loved us.
It was a relaxing visit which was so nice. Jonathan got to play with cousins and to him there is not much better and Grammy and Papa always have ice cream for him! Sat. we made cinnamon rolls with Mom. No one makes better cinnamon rolls than my mom!! The ones she sent back with us disappeared way to quickly. My dad had a calf that needed to be bottle fed so we got to help with that. It was fun to see the boys get so excited about the calf and they loved exploring around the pasture in their boots and seeing all the cows and geese out on the pond. We ran some errands and played a new game and enjoyed the fire my dad built for us in their stove downstairs. The time went way too quickly and I am already so looking forward to the next visit. There just is no place like home!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


We had a gorgeous 6" snow on Friday. It was a day to store away in my heart. Ashley stayed home with us and we went out on the four wheeler. They get a little too crazy for me but it was still such fun! The ducks and swans were fun to watch in the snow and to see their footprints.
The flakes were huge and thick and you could catch them on your tongue. It was quiet and peaceful and just made me marvel yet again at the details God gives us in his creation to enjoy.

Snow is extra beautiful when it is untouched I think. And then oh so fun to be the ones to tromp through it first! Jonathan and I made doughnuts in the afternoon. They were only the made from refrigerator biscuit kind so quite simple. I think I would like to try from scratch sometime thought I certainly cannot rationalize one nutritional reason for eating doughnuts. Purely for the yummy taste and the memories. My mom used to make them for us sometimes so made me miss her and home! Several got a little burned but with frosting and eating still warm they all disappeared mightly quickly and Ashley was impressed with was fun. It was great to just hang out and we even had left overs from the day before so I didnt have to cook for supper which is always a treat!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Parts of me

Jonathan is so much like Ashley. Their interests are similar; the way they think is amazingly similar--both very practical, solve the problem, see a new way of doing something; both deep sleepers and are slow to wake up; both very witty; both passionate about things they love; both have gorgeous blue eyes; both eat way too much ice cream; and both totally captured my heart.

The similarities between Jonathan and I are not always as obvious. We are both more of a hesitant, timid personality at first; we both enjoy cooking; we both love to read (or be read to); we both treasure relationships and we both get a little impatient.

Every now and then, I see parts of me in Jonathan. The other day we were walking and Jonathan said "Look at that beautiful blue bird Mommy." I loved it! I love that he notices things like that. Jonathan is happiest dirty and loud and outside and going as fast as he can, but there is also a part of him that notices and appreciates the little details God blessed us with like different colors and unique birds or flowers. Then I see my mom in him and I see me and I thank God for the perfect way he made Jonathan.

Early comparison

This is a very early comparison and I truly believe the TN list will grow. These are just some thoughts from today.

Things I like about Tennessee:
Lack of wind
Ashley happier
Our pond
Very little wind
Our new puppy!!
Ashley home earlier in the evenings
Our ducks and swans
Lack of crazy wind
Friendly people
The many red birds and blue birds we have seen
the Alamo library
Oh, did I mention there is not much wind!

Things I miss about Kansas:
My family!
Our house
The windows in our house
My mom and dad
Wed night church at our church
Our library
Our grocery store
My sister and her kids being only 20 minutes away
My car
Aldis grocery store
Hugs from my sweet niece
Having a church family
My sister and her family being only 4 hours away not 8 plus
Our quiet dirt road
Jonathan's sand box
Being able to just stop by my parents' house
Quality schools
Simple moments with my family
Familiar faces
Wednesdays with my sister and kids
Our credit union
Mom, Dad, Nikki, Corbin, Mac, Cammi, Polly, Anna, Caleb, Isabelle
Jonathan skipping to the shop to help Daddy
Papa Johns Monday night pizza
Proper grammar
Oh, did I mention I miss my family?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Passed the test

So many new things:
new house, car (new to us), address, phone numbers, view from window, path of daily walk with Jonathan, post office, news broadcasters, insurance, park, etc.
So many new things to find yet:
doctor, grocery store, church, radio station, place to cut hair, etc.

Makes me rather tired to think of it all.

However, one of the most important to me was the library. I was actually nervous to go to it in fear that it may not live up to my standards or expectations. Though Moundridge is small, it really has some exceptional ammenities. (not sure if that is the right word. I mean places of service or buisiness.)
Going to the library was a highlight for Jonathan and I. We went almost weekly. When Jonathan was the right age, it was to attend story hour which for the last year and a half was taught by my sister so the time was extra special as it meant time with cousins!! I love to read and love that Jonathan so far has caught this passion. We loved to go check out new books and loved that you could check out movies from the library too. So the library in Alamo had a lot to live up to and it was my first venture into the community. It passed the test and was a great experience. Made all the better by the fact that I actually had with me the right identification to get a card that day and that the lady at the desk was very friendly and helpful. They have a fine children's book area and have movies to check out and books on tape which are life savers for long drives.
So, nerdy as it may be, the approval of the library was a big relief for me and a highlight of the move so far. I probably need to get out more!

Swan catching

One of the new things life in TN has brought has been the ownership of three swans. Real swans. There were supposed to be four, however, one was killed by cows. I am feeling quite redneck right now! The swans were brought to us in exchange for a gun that Ashley's dad gave the owner of the swans. You just never know around here.

West TN is currently experiencing that coldest winter in the last 21 years. What great timing for us!! :) Our pond has been frozen over for the past week. Jonathan has loved this and has found such joy in sliding on the ice and making holes in it with all kinds of objects. The pond really has been pretty; even had a layer of snow on it one morning. The frozen state, however, has not been nice for the ducks and swans. The one lone swan (apparently they mate for life and the other pair are not overly friendly with him) has had to be rescued several times. One day Ashley scooted the boat across the ice to unstick the poor swan from the ice. It really was quite a hilarious scene, with slipping and me rescuing a stranded and stuck Ashley by pulling the boat across the frozen ice. Jonathan loved every minute of it!

Well, Sunday we learned our lone swan had ventured down to the neighbors pond. Ashley and Jonathan went to find him and then came back to get me. We got the 4-wheeler and a HUGE fishing net. Ashley then chased the swan and tackled him with the net. Another hilarious scene! We decided later we need to get better about having the camera with us and maybe we could win on Funniest Home Videos. Knowing Ashley other potential winning moments will still come!! The swan made the craziest noises, hissing and sounds like a lawn mower starting. He was able to grab the swan in a way of being safe from the really long neck and strong beak. He then sat on the back of the 4-wheeler and I drove slowly back home with the big net hanging off the side and Jonathan cold and happy sitting with me. Ashley said it peed on him on the way back. We kept it in an old chicken house over night and then released it the next day. I imagine there will be more swan adventures to come.

Are there snacks?

I wanted to be clever. I should have tried for insightful or admirable. But I ended up going with what really just describes me and us painfully well. I love to eat. Snacks make me happy. I would be inclined to say that food is my love language. My sister has told me that often when I tell her about some event or activity or something we have gone to, one of the first things I tell her about is the food. Ashley also enjoys eating and Jonathan fits in completely. Too well really.

It is really quite embarrassing to admit how my mood can be lifted by a little treat. It doesn't even have to be a bad for you treat. Just some little something. Perhaps I could claim I have low blood sugar and there is a reason for the change in mood. In fact, maybe I should look into that!!
When I was working outside the home, any meeting or conference was made so much the better when there were refreshments served. I look forward to Jonathan's snack time and join right in with him.
Admitting a bit much about my sorry self. Just wanted to offer some explanation for the title of the blog. And I guess to let you know that if I seem a bit grumpy, just find me a snack! :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New State, New Life

Life in TN has officially begun. We have been here for real now for a week. Though I am not sure I am ready for the reality of this move, it has been nice to not be driving or loading or packing. There are still boxes to unpack and much to be done but we are here.
And I found most things I was looking for today!
I am hoping to use this blog to keep updated with pictures and life. So far I have not done well
at all with keeping in touch with people. Maybe this avenue will work out better for me.