May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I was ready

Ready for the end of the day.
Ready for bath time for Jonathan to wash off the dirt and sand and sweat of the day.
Ready for books to be read and songs to be sung.
Ready to sit my rather large tired body down to do a little paperwork, talk to Ashley about a few things and maybe read a few pages of a book before I fell asleep.

The dishes were done. I had tried a couple new recipes for supper. One of which we got to use some fresh sage! Jonathan and I were both quite excited because we had planted and watered and watched with such hope as the basil, thyme and sage started to grow. I hope we did not glean from it too early. I actually am a little scared of them. I have wanted for several years to grow herbs and now finally have a few. The cilantro is coming up too!! But now I am rather intimidated about using them.
Anyway, dishes were done and so I called Jonathan for his bath. He reminds me Daddy had promised him a 4-wheeler ride. He had been looking forward to it and Daddy has been gone a lot lately so it was important to do. A few minutes later they came to the door hollaring for me to come see a surprise. I was not thrilled about this idea or the timing or riding on the 4 wheeler. It is just not the most comfortable on the ole bladder!! But they begged and so I went. We rode to the other side of the pond and Ashley had me close my eyes.
When they told me to open them, it was a magical scene. The whole pasture was sparkling with lightening bugs! It was gorgeous. it was like the field was alive with lights. And duh, I guess it was!! The trees glittered. Jonathan said "there are a million!" We slowly drove through and caught a few and enjoyed the cooling of the evening and marveled at God's light show.

Way too often I let my agenda try to dictate the schedule. And let a desire to stick to a semi-formulated schedule determine our days. But then I would miss out on lady bugs and walks with Jonathan skipping which is a picture I will treasure in my heart, and holding his hand and eating meals outside and ice cream in the middle of the day and sunsets and glowing fields.

I was ready for my schedule. God and my favorite interruptions were ready to delight me!

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  1. This is great Julia!I loved your story!! Such a great reminder of the things we miss out on sometimes because of our own agendas. God loves us in such intimate ways, I'm convinced! Oh, if we only open our eyes to them...