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Psalm 19:14

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This is humbling.
It will not contain fancy pictures.
I am going to share a recipe. Actually two.
They are pitiful compared to those you see on those who have fancy, impressive blogs.
They don't even really have names.
But we are simple here.
Rice, Avacado, Cheese, and Peas.
Brown rice
Shredded cheese
Cooked green peas
Mix together.
How is that for simple?! This recipe sort of just happened and is something Jonathan and now Eli really like. it is a easy go to recipe on evenings when Ashley is not going to be home. Although he likes it okay too but he likes something with a little meat in it!
Jonathan says it needs to go in the bowl in the proper order: rice first, then smash some avacado in with the rice, then sprinkle with cheese and then peas. His bowl is heavy on peas and light on cheese and avacado. Eli's would be light on peas if he had a choice and he likes lots of cheese and "cado" as he calls avacado!
Pasta, Chicken and Veggies
Polly gets the credit for this recipe. She whipped this together one time when we were at her house and I was so impressed with the genius of just putting the vegetables in with the pasta.
Cook pasta of your choice according to directions. We like the big shells or rotini as these are easier for Eli to eat. This boy really really likes pasta. We had a major melt down the other morning because he saw left over pasta in the fridge at 9 in the morning and was certain he needed to eat it then! While the pasta is boiling, add veggies of your choice to the pot. We often do carrots and broccoli. Cut up cooked chicken while the pasta and veggies are cooking. I have also done black beans and kidney beans in place of chicken which I liked but with the rest of the family the chicken was preferred. Mix the chicken into the drained pasta and veggies and then add olive oil, parmesean cheese and garlic salt to taste. Sorry for the non-specific measurements. that is not normally how I cook at all! It is a tasty and easy meal. Jonathan likes to add BBQ sauce to his chicken. Curly's BBQ sauce from KS to be exact. He loves this stuff and Grammy and Papa and Nikki have loved him by keeping him supplied!

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