May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My latest favorites

This is silly. and frivilous. And sadly contains a lot of food items!

Some of my favorite lately include:

Hummus! Love, LOVE the stuff! I have had relative success making my own. Ashley even liked it okay when I actually shared some with him. Jason's Deli has some yummy red pepper hummus on their salad bar. My plate is a little embarassing when we go there.

These chips called Simply Naked. They are Stacy's Pita Chips and so good. They delight my salt cravings. They also go great with hummus! and salsa. and plain. and probably queso.

Sweet green tea from Sams. The sweet most likely takes away the good parts of the green tea but it is such a treat for me!! A few times Eli and I have finished our errands at Sams and then shared a slice of their yummy pizza and I indulged in the tea. Happy!

Lemon water. I have issues with consuming calories in beverages. I like to drink (meaning Dr Pepper and Root Beer and cherry limeaids and sweet tea ) and like sugar. Not a good thing. So in trying to remedy this a bit, I have been drinking lemon water. I always get this at resturaunts (and then sneek sips of Ashley's dr pepper!), but I purchased some lemons and have been enjoying it at home too. Eli also likes it. He likes water. Milk not so much but yes on water.

Story hour!!!! I finally found one for Eli. our local library has, in my opinion, really dropped the ball on this. They are bordering on lazy really and it quite frustrates me! I have called several other places but none had story hour for Eli's age. This was a highlight for Jonathan and I and so good for him in learning to sit and wait and listen and to like books. But I found one! and though there will never be as good of one as the one in Moundridge (the teacher there is AMAZING!), this one reminds me some of home and has a story time and crafts and singing and snacks. it is so interesting to watch Eli's personality there.

Smoothies. This has become a nearly every day afterschool snack. Jonathan is awesome at making them. Although it has led me to finally order a lid for my blender. The plastic lid didnt make the cut post fire even after repeated washings. But it is NOT fun to clean up smoothie! :) We have tried the Green Monster smoothies with spinach and Eli and I are fans. Jonathan is not.

Kroger! It is our Dillons here. they just have awesome deals quite frequently on yogurt and cheese. both of which get consumed a lot in our house.

My happy pants. I have these pair of yoga pants, I think they are technically called. They are so comfy and fit just right. They make me nearly giggle every time I put them on in the evenings. I wear them as pajama pants but I think if I wore them daily, I might just could conquer the world!

Now I need to go find some interests besides food! :)

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