May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14

Monday, August 15, 2011

I miss.....

(I feel guilty even writing this because we have so much to be thankful for in all of this but...)
my toaster
clean pictures of my babies
things my sweet grandmas made me (we did save some quilts!!)
this shirt I splurged on in Branson with my sisters and mom and never wore!
this white sweater/sweatshirt thing my mom just gave me that I always liked of hers.
a belt I loved.
my CDs
the Bible Jonathan got for his birthday from Grammy and Papa.
having ingredients on hand to make cookies (this is pretty much taken care of now but I am having trouble adjusting to a different kitchen. i am not sure what the deal is. It is really expensive to restock pantries!!)
having two bathrooms. (and allowing Jonathan to pee outside because we lived in the country. First day we were here in our other house in town I saw him peeing outside by a tree in the front yard and knew we needed to talk over a few things!!)
my books. oh books. some are okay. but the smoke smell sure does linger.
this great devotion book I was reading.
my curtains
letting the dog run free. she has been such a good dog here with us but it makes me sad to keep her penned up.
our sweet kitties. we have not seen them for a week or so. a little concerned. they brought Jonathan such joy. I may actually try to find him another one and I NEVER thought I would do that.
Our DVDs.
Our second channel. yes, now down to just one channel. Laundry is just more fun when you have entertainment while folding clothes in the evening!
The way our house smelled. I am a very sensitive odor person. this house just smells different. Not saying our house smelled great but it smelled familiar.
Going to the library. we had several books checked out and a couple movies. I have talked with them on the phone and they were very understanding but I am a little leary about going back and facing the bill.
These earrings I liked.
My new pair of running shoes.
The container of Jonathan's kindergarten papers that I was going to go through all summer and pick out some to save. they were in my closet and it and our bathroom are just gone. I did find both of their baby books and quite a few pictures. I will need to redo the books (or actually start Elijahs for the first time!) but the pictures arent too bad. Guess procrastination works for you some of the time! :)
But all of this, less the pictures and grandmas' things, can be replaced. So I am feeling thankful more than sad. I did run back in and grab a couple pictures of the walls and get Jonathan's blankie and Elijah's pacifiers and bag. Ashley grabbed our laptops and then no surprise, went back for guns!! Crazy to me that we now have a "before the fire/after the fire" timeline in our lives. It has been very humbling. I decided it is much easier to accept clothes to take to the needy in Honduras than to accept clothes and other things because we are the needy people.
Once we get insurance stuff wrapped up, we will be focusing on building a new place. Praying already that Ashley and I will be patient with each other while making all these decisions!!

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  1. Lots of new things to adjust to all over again! Hang in there, continuing to pray for all of you!