May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14

Saturday, April 30, 2011


reasons I love my husband:
He loves Jesus.
He loves our sons.
He choose me.
He has admitted a few good things about Kansas.
He truly liked my grandparents.
He gets choked up at Little House on the Prairie sometimes.
He crochets.
He is incredibly witty.
He is proud and thankful that I use cloth diapers.
He makes sacrifices for people he does not even know in Honduras.
He is interested in many different things and likes to learn.
He gives the boys a bath most of the time!!! This is a huge, huge gift to me!
He buys me chocolate.
He sings to Jonathan and Elijah.
He makes up songs and is remarkable about rhyming.
He gets into Jonathan's t-ball games, even though he really is not a sports person.
He will stop in the road to pick up a turtle to show Jonathan. And not bring it home every time!!
He got up during the night to give our puppy medicine.
He likes to wear pink shirts. And he looks good in them!
He is an excellent teacher; to his gun class students, to his sons, to me.
He feeds Eli sometimes and wipes his face some of those times.
He takes off work to attend Jonathan's school things.
He reads to Jonathan at night. I love to hear them talking about what they are reading.
He is a dreamer.
He makes the very very very long drive to Kansas so I can see my family and they can see our precious boys.
He keeps us safe.
He tries to drink more water.
He eats leftovers!
He can get to laughing so hard he can hardly talk.
He knows the names of plants and flowers.
He loves to watch TV but is too thrifty to pay for cable so we just enjoy two channels!
He likes to have a snack at night.
He calms me down when I get overly worried about things.
He is patriotic and thankful for the privilege of living in the United States.
He loves ice cream.
He lets me get the mail.
He works very hard to provide for us and to enable me to stay home with the boys.
He compliments my cooking.
He tells me about his day.
He smells good.
He sings well.
He wants to help people truly change their lives.
He lets the house be warm when we need it warm and cool when we need it cool.
He is wise with money.
Happy birthday my Ashley. I love so very many things about you.

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