May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pictures finally!

Jonathan lost his first two teeth. Daddy aided in both by pulling them. Jonathan was willing on the first one and quite brave. The second one took a little more convincing to do. He was still very brave when he finally consented to Ashley pulling it a week or so later.
The moment of the first pull. I think they were both a little surprised that it actually came out. There was very little blood which helped I think. We had been in the mode of cutting the corn off the cob for him and slicing apples. He looks quite cute with the bottom front two teeth missing.

Our garden is growing! Growing many weeds for sure! But also most of the plants are still alive. It is such fun to find produce with Jonathan. Such a celebration! Here is our first eggplant. No idea when to pick it or how to fix it but great fun to watch it grow!!

Trying to show off the missing teeth. Didnt work out but I still liked the picture. Except he looks so grown up!

Ashley had a class in Nashville last week so we went along and swam at the hotel and tried to find fun things to do out of the horrendous heat. Eating ice cream was a necessity! I even decided we would go to the big Orpy Land mall which is strange for me to decide to do and really strange to do with Jonathan but the heat mandates crazy things. And the mall had some cool stores I thought even Jonathan would like such as Bass Pro. However the whole thing and the huge Orpy Land Hotel near it was shut down because of all the flooding in May.
He and I did go eat at Cracker Barrel because we had a gift card and Ashley does not like this restraunt so it was perfect timing. Jonathan was so excited about his meal. It is a fun memory.
Here Jonathan is holding the gorgeous lilies he picked for me and was so excited to show me where they were all growing.

At the tractor pull enjoying a slushie thing. His mouth and teeth and tongue turned blue! The ear protection was necessary! We were good redneck parents.
Swimming at the hotel. We had a great time. Still long ways from really swimming but seeing progress. We sure missed the good Wellness Center lessons. It was fun to see him getting more confident in the water. And I was glad we were basically the only ones there since a pregnant women is not lovely in a swimsuit!!

Jonathan and I picked some delicious strawberries! We had wanted to for quite some time but with the spider bite incident and just life it kept getting put off. The day we actually went they had already closed the patch and a person could pick what they could find for free. It started to thunder and rain or we would have picked more and we were leaving the next day or we may have gone back. I love free!! Jonathan was great help for awhile and then got hot and bored and ready to go. The berries were yummy! And are disappearing way too quickly from the freezer. Jonathan's favorite bedtime snack lately is yogurt with blueberries and strawberries. He LOVES frozen blueberries. Ashley and I enjoy the snack too except for I just do not really like blueberries. I wish I did. They are so good for you but I just do not like them much.
The other day Jonathan totally cracked me up as I was going through some hand me down baby clothes. I was looking for some nongender specific ones to wash and have ready. He was hilarious with his comments. A lot of "too much pink!" Then he found a neat, soft tag blanket Grammy had made for him. He remembered it and snatched it right up and then wrapped up one of the kitties in it. That one may require extra washing now!

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