May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

25 days

I am really not creative. I wanted to come up with something fun to write about in December. The most creative I got was thinking about the 12 days of Christmas. So I am going to make it in to the 25 days of Christmas and write something around the number of each day.
Since it took all my creative work to borrow this idea, I am going to revert back to November and write about the 25 things I am thankful for from our trip to Kansas

1. Safe arrivals there and back.
2. Mashed potatoes!! Mom makes the best. This could make the list several times.
3. Not having to decide meals for six days. I did help with cooking. Or actually I started numerous different things and then someone else would have to take over as Elijah needed something. It was fun to cook with my mom and sisters.
4. Watching Elijah snuggle with Mom when she went to get him from a nap on Sat.
5. Surviving picture taking of all the cousins. We started taking a picture each year of all the grandkids for my parents and for us several years ago. Each year a baby has been added and then anxiety about the picture seems to have risen also. Considering eight kids seven and younger including a 4 month old and two toddlers were involved and one sweet girl threw up on the way, the event went okay. I still have not seen the final results, but it is done for another year. And if it isnt perfect, it probably is just all the more realistic of the kiddos.
6. Elijah being super cute when we first arrived at Mom and Dad's. Mom and Polly were still awake and Elijah smiled and babbled away. I loved it! And then he still went to sleep really well. that might be my favorite part of the memory! :) The next couple nights would not make any thankful list!!
7. Seeing my niece Cammi literally bounce up and down in happiness at seeing Grammy. Mom has a really sweet relationship with Nikki's children. Cammi did her bounce a couple times at seeing Elijah. She is a sweetie.
8. Polly highlighted my hair. She is so sweet to give up time and sleep to often cut our hair when we see her. I am still adjusting to the hair but so far people have been kind about it and Ashley likes it which was the point.
9. Mom gave me a hen and chick plant. This plant reminds me of my sweet Grandma.
10. Going to church at Garden and seeing precious friends. It felt good to be there. Did make me miss that church even more though. and the people.
11. My sisters had hand-me-downs for both boys. Some were perfect size and season for now. Such a blessing!
12. Ashley made room in a very packed car to fit in the clothes and plant and other "necessary" things to bring back. With very very little complaining!!!
13. Playing nertz, a card game, with my cousins. Nikki and I held our own pretty well against some very competitive players.
14. Jonathan playing with his cousins.
15. Watching my oldest nephew Corbin play with and talk to Elijah in the car. All my nieces and nephews are super sweet to Elijah and want to hold him. Not sure what I am doing wrong with Jonathan.
16. Polly's homemade rolls, her pumpkin roll, Mom's corn dip, and cinnamon rolls.
17. Getting to see Matthew and Sherlynn. I have such deep respect for these two people. They are so thoughtful and fun.
18. Fairly successful black Friday shopping. Elijah did quite a good job.
19. Getting to have Jonathan sleep with us. This is always a treat for him and for us when we are traveling. It does get a little crowded but it is special to watch him sleep. Not sure how it works with multiple children!
20. A husband who is patient and supportive about longer stops while traveling because of nursing.
21. Dad keeping a warm fire going.
22. Mom giving Jonathan some of his favorite BBQ sauce to bring back with us.
23. A calmer Saturday after a very busy few days. Even got a little time with just Mom.
24. Grammy and Papa spoiling Jonathan with ice cream. He counts on there being some in the freezer!
25. Feeling loved and like I belong.

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