May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have to add two more to the Kansas list:
Six days without cloth diapers!!
My sweet niece Anna Jo asked if I wanted to be "besties" with her and her mommy. Anna has such a servant heart. She is an incredible little girl. And she loves snacks too! I totally smiled when I heard her telling her daddy about going shopping with the girls on Friday. She started off by telling him what all we had to eat! Polly says I do that about experiences too.

Yesterday belonged to Kansas so on this 24th day until Christmas, I am going to find 24 things I like about Tennessee right now. I know I can do it!

1. Elijah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Eli is a TN native so for this alone TN will always be special to me.
2. Less wind. Ahhh less wind. Sunday in Kansas was absolutely crazy.
3. Gorgeous leaves
4. Cotton fields, cotton gins, cotton smell, cotton pickers, cotton farmers
5. Elijah sleeping better again!
6. A good washer and dryer
7. A dish washer that works
8. Pepper, our sweet, loyal dog
9. Elijah's doctor. I really struggled with having to leave Dr. Marla. We all loved her. and trusted her. Dr. Amy is no Dr. Marla but she and I have similiar view points, she is positive and encouraging and she likes Elijah.
10. I don't actual like this but I need this. Being forced to face some fears.
11. Mrs. Ashlee, Jonathan's teacher. I nearly cried the other day when I realized she will not be his teacher his whole life! God has given me such comfort through this woman. He hand picked her I truly believe. She likes to shoot guns;she drives a jeep with big tires, she speaks his love language with candy incentives, her husband operates an excavator; she listens to his stories; he tells her his stories; her name is Ashlee. Could there be a better fit??!!
12. The accent. Most of them, most of the time. The other day I was in an ugly mood and even the accent here was irritating me!
13. The library. They have several seasons of Little House on the Prairie. Jonathan is working his way through them! And they have good selection on books.
14. Our TV. Ashley's dad has a really big TV, which we now have. The thing I like is we get, literally, two channels! Two. Cracks me up!
15. Our 4-wheelers. We all really enjoy riding around and exploring.
16. The many gun carrying, loud, tall truck driving, patriotic, hardworking men here. that sounds bad, it is not the men but the way Ashley fits here. It explains a lot about him. Bless his heart coming to my world.
17. Lori. She loves my family. She loves her family deeply. She is real. She looks out for Jonathan at school. She texted us several times on his first day of school to let us know how he was doing. That meant so very much. Her strength is based in Christ.
18. Caramel pie. A recipe we learned from a friend here. Really quite simply and sinfully delicious. I will make it for anyone who comes to visit. It is worth the drive!! :)
19. My Jeep. I really do love it!
20. Our pond. Ashley and Jonathan get a lot of delight out of it.
21. All of my family has been to visit.
22. Ashley seems to enjoy his work here and exploring new ideas and dreams.
23. Our shooting range. It really is quite cool.
24. God is here too.

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  1. Really love these Julia, so glad your doing this for December...I look forward to reading them whenever you get them posted!! And I'm so so sick we missed you Sunday at Garden! Justin was sick last minute, and I wasn't feeling my best... we were just about ready to go and plans changed.
    Love #24!